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Welcome to After School Advantage! 
You have taken your first steps towards financial independence and self-determination.




Musical Theater - Dance - Science - Karate - Chess - Gymnastics - Photography

Arts and Crafts - Music - Team Sports - Homework Club - Yoga - Jewelry Making Creative Writing - Cooking - Creative Arts - Computers - Foreign Languages

...or other fun activities for kids!

Do you have years of training or a passion for a particular art, skill or discipline?  If so, we can help you turn your passion, your skill and your expertise into a thriving, profitable businessIf you have a curriculum for a subject that can be taught to children, we can teach you how to take your place in the world of after school enrichment!


Did you know?

The after-school enrichment and other for-profit K-12 education industries are one of the fastest growing components in the American economy, with families spending an estimated $35 Billion on them in 2001.


States throughout the nation are passing legislation which provides funding for after school programs.  Most notably, California passed Prop. 49 which was spearheaded by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, allocating up to $550 million a year for after school programming.

We at NETA know that after school enrichment programming is personally rewarding, very lucrative and makes an important contribution to one’s community.  By coming to us, you have decided to learn from the best.

In our twenty-plus years in the after school enrichment industry, we have had many successes (and a few hard-learned lessons), and we have refined our experiences into the After School Advantage Program.  Your curriculum coupled with our business model and the comprehensive business start-up programs which accompany it will be the foundation on which you build your own enrichment company from the ground up.

Whether your goal is to own and operate your own company, or if you are a child educator looking to generate more income, or if you are already a business owner who is seeking ways to troubleshoot, modify, streamline or expand your company, we have several programs tailored to suit your needs.  For your consideration, we proudly present our enrichment business start-up programs:


School Enrichment Business Start-Up

This is ideal for the would-be business owner looking to start their own after school enrichment company.  This start-up program covers all aspects of this business – from the inception of your own company, to its day-to-day maintenance and expansion.  Consider some of the benefits of starting your own company with ASA:

  • Being your own boss.

  • Having the freedom to work from home.

  • Having low start-up and training costs which will allow you to rapidly recoup your investment.

  • World class training and support from the National Enrichment Teachers Association and the ASA Program!


Summer Day Camp Business Start-Up

When school lets out for summer vacation, enrichment companies go into hibernation, right?  Wrong!  The world doesn’t stop when school lets out – parents need to go to work and their children need supervision in a fun, safe environment.  If you have an exciting idea or theme for the basis of your summer day camp, ASA can teach you how to turn your idea into a profitable reality.  Consider some of the benefits of starting a summer camp with ASA:

  • Can be an independent business or run in conjunction with an enrichment company.

  • Seasonal business maintenance that allows you to work only part of the year.

  • World class training and support from the National Enrichment Teachers Association and the ASA Program!

  • The satisfaction of contributing to your community.

PTAs, school representatives, city agencies, and business owners rejoice!  If you are looking to lay down the foundation for a new enrichment program or troubleshoot problems with your existing enrichment program, our consultation services are for you.  For a nominal hourly fee, you can pick our brains and our twenty-plus years of experience in this industry to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes which are commonly made by those who are new to this business and make your program run as smoothly as possible!  For more information, visit our Just for PTAs Page.


For more detailed information on our services and business start-up programs, visit our Just the Facts Page.

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