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  • The after-school enrichment and other for-profit K-12 education industries are one of the fastest growing components in the American economy, with families spending an estimated $35 Billion on them in 2001.

  • States throughout the nation are passing legislation which provides funding for after school programs.  Most notably, California passed Prop. 49 which was spearheaded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, allocating up to $550 million a year for after school programming.


Have you recently been appointed or elected to a position in your school’s PTA?  If so, you are probably aware that one of the major preoccupations of the PTA is the need to have an on-going source of fundraising. 

Why not enrichment programming for your school?  It’s a service which is highly in demand, beneficial to the children and reliably raises funds for your organization! 



Common school fundraisers like candy sales, book fairs, concessions, etc. provide only intermittent sources of revenue.  It also requires engaging an outside organization for their set-up and maintenance and then paying them for that service every time you implement their particular fundraising campaign.  School enrichment, on the other hand, is a reliable method of fundraising which is highly in demand and beneficial to the children, school and PTA.  It can be readily learned and the best part is, you pay for it just once and you can pass it on year after year!

The prospect of starting an enrichment program at your school or restructuring an existing program so it operates under the auspices of the PTA can seem intimidating - and that’s where we come in.  We’re fond of saying that running an enrichment program is like flying a jumbo jet.   It’s easy - if you know how to do it.  And who better than NETA to show you the way!

The After School Advantage Fundraiser Model and the comprehensive start-up materials which accompany our training will be the foundation on which you build your on-going fundraising campaign for years to come.  You will hit the ground running! 

We know that being an elected member of the PTA isn’t something you will be doing for the rest of your life, and you want your time to count for something!  What better way to gain the esteem of others and cement your legacy by having the foresight to lay down the foundation for an enrichment program which will benefit the PTA, the children and your school for years to come!  Coming to see us will be one of the wisest investments you ever make on behalf of your school!


A Short List of Some Popular Enrichment Programs:


Musical Theater
Choir / Singing

Reading Tutorial
Foreign Languages
Fine Arts
Homework Club

Team Sports
Arts and Crafts




Marketing Getting Started
Successful Advertising Tools

Program Flyer Template Guidelines

Utilizing the School Calendar

Working the Registration Period

Benefiting from Overlapping Sessions

Expanding Workshop Selections

Building Classes & Participation

Pricing and Scholarship Assistance

Program Fundamentals and Model

Program Maintenance

School and District Permits

Room Usage

Choosing Classes, Vendors & Teachers

Vendor Insurance Requirements

Partnering Programs, Tasks & PTA

Handling Complaints & Troubleshooting



The following is a projection of revenue you could potentially generate over one school year.  Remember, most school facilities and classrooms can accommodate twenty children or more.  The calculations we have provided are a modest estimation of the revenue you potentially stand to generate.


Number of classes per week                               15
(At 3 classes per day)
Number of students per class                             15
(As an example)
Tuition                                                                  $120
(At $12 per class for one 10 week session)
Number of sessions                                                3
(In one school year)

  TOTAL GROSS REVENUE        $81,000


Number of classes per week                               15
(At 3 classes per day)
Number of students per class                             15
(As an example)
Tuition                                                                 $120
(At $12 per class for one 10 week session)
Number of sessions                                               5
(In one school year)

  TOTAL GROSS REVENUE      $135,000

Please note that the figures listed above signify mathematical calculations.  They are not a promise or a guarantee of an average income or earnings.  These figures are, however, only a fraction of the revenue generated by our own sister enrichment company – Performing Arts Workshops.



The After School Advantage Fundraiser Model

  • $950 for 4 hours of in-house instruction, manual, supplemental materials and 2 hours of follow-up service provided via telephone.

Consultation Services Via Phone

  • At a rate of $125 per hour.

Lectures, Teacher Training and In-Person Consultation

  • At a rate of $175 per hour plus travel expenses.

NOTE:       If you are affiliated with a city agency or a parks and recreation department that works in collaboration with your local school district, our services can work for you, too!



Our school already has enrichment.  How can we make it a PTA fundraiser?

It is common for schools to have outside enrichment program providers (who are not directly affiliated with the school) to operate enrichment classes on the campus.  We can teach you what it takes to bring these programs under the PTA’s umbrella and the guidelines for running an enrichment program while still maintaining a positive working relationship with the program providers.

What is the day to day workload?

Generally speaking, the busiest times will be the couple of weeks out of the year when families are enrolling their children in your enrichment classes.  Once the administrative work has been accomplished, the daily maintenance required to keep the program running smoothly is quite minimal and will vary according to the number of classes your program runs.  Of course, this can be tailored to fit the needs of your school, your students and your PTA. 

What is the financial benefit to the PTA?

Whenever the PTA has a fundraiser for the school, everybody wins.  Bake sales, book fairs, Scripps and collecting proof of purchase seals from cereal boxes are all time honored fundraisers PTAs have utilized over the years.  The problem is that these traditional methods raise funds intermittently and some only produce a modest return at best.  Enrichment, on the other hand, raises funds for the PTA and school far more effectively, benefits the children directly and can be relied upon as a continual source of fundraising.  Please refer to the Projected Revenues table and you will see why so many schools and PTAs are incorporating enrichment into their fundraising programs.

What is the benefit to using the After School Advantage fundraising model?

With enrichment programming, there is no substitute for doing it right the first time.  NETA's ASA Program has been refined over twenty-plus years of trial and error and you will have the advantage of having our knowledge and experience backing you when you initiate your program.  It is very difficult to rebound from a costly mistake and you cannot “make it up as you go along”.  The ASA Program takes the guess work out of the equation by teaching you the subtleties of enrichment programming, while avoiding the pitfalls and maximizing the benefits to your school, your students and your PTA.

Is there an annual fee for using the fundraising campaign?

No.  There is no annual fee for using NETA's ASA Program – which is unheard of in fundraising circles.  The fee that is charged to learn the ASA fundraising model is a one time only fee.  Providing that you or a member of your PTA takes the time to learn it and then teach it to successive PTA boards at your school, the ASA fundraising model can be passed along indefinitely at no extra charge.  Of course, we are available for additional consultation if you feel it is necessary.  Click here to see a complete listing of our Services and Training Fees.

How many PTA representatives are needed to run the fundraising campaign?

The administration for the ASA fundraising campaign can be accomplished with one to two people.  Depending on the size of the program (the number of classes being run) anywhere from two to five volunteers can act as facilitators, helping ensure children go to the right classes and things run smoothly. 

What type of incentives or compensation can PTA representatives receive for running the program?

Volunteering your time for a school function can often seem like a thankless job – the deed is its own reward.  With the ASA fundraiser model, however, the reward can be more tangible. Volunteers/facilitators can be compensated for their time by offering free classes to their children once the enrichment classes are up and running.  There can be a small honorarium for the PTA representative(s) who implement the ASA fundraising program at their school.  When you are learning about the After School Advantage Program, the training you receive will teach you how to set up this compensation system properly. 


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