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What Do I Get For My Investment?

The techniques provided by the After School Advantage Program are intended for business owners whose business operation is based on elementary through high school aged enrichment programming, summer camp programming, or both.  As a potential new business owner, you will receive training in the following:



Business plan development
DBA vs Incorporating
Licensing & Permits
Business model
Office equipment
Operations & Maintenance
Hiring & Teaching Staff



Advertising the right way
Spending wisely
Successful promotions
Marketing strategy
Business image
Types of School Contracts
Expanding your business & building classes
Utilizing the school calendar



Contacting schools
Landing the contract
What schools look for
Public relations
Handling complaints & troubleshooting
And much, much more!


Projected Revenues

The following is a projection of revenue you could potentially generate over one school year.  Remember, most school facilities and classrooms can accommodate twenty children or more.  The calculations we have provided are a modest estimation of the revenue you potentially stand to generate.



Number of schools                                                30
(As an example)
Number of courses per school                             2
Number of students per class                             15
(As an example)
Tuition                                                                  $120
(At $12 per class for one 10 week session)
Number of sessions                                                3
(In one school year)

  TOTAL GROSS REVENUE      $324,000


Number of camps                                                   3
(As an example)
Number of children per camp                             60
(As an example)
Tuition for one 3-week session                      $625
(Per student)
Number of sessions                                                3

  TOTAL GROSS REVENUE      $337,500

Please note that the figures listed above signify mathematical calculations.  They are not a promise or a guarantee of an average income or earnings.  These figures are, however, only a fraction of the revenue generated by our own sister enrichment company--Performing Arts Workshops!  To learn more about PAW, go to


      Additional NETA Consulting Services

Lectures, Training and Seminars to Suit All Your Needs

NETA’s unmatched focus on training and consultation services is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to our customers and their success in the enrichment industry.  Invest in your program’s future by consulting with NETA’s enrichment professionals.  Our training and consultation services are as diverse as your needs.


  • Legal liabilities

  • Increasing enrollment and revenue

  • Classroom management and safety

  • Commitment level and ethics

  • Emergency procedures and supervision of children

  • Creating a safe classroom environment

  • Communicating with their supervisor

  • Children’s legal rights, special needs, health & medication

  • Releasing children properly and legal ramifications

  • Following school policies, procedures and practices


  • Improving staff competency and efficiency

  • Streamlining and improving information acquisition, usage and storage

  • Public relations and business etiquette

  • Time management, following directions and making deadlines

  • Customer service, handling complaints and damage control


  • Program development and expansion

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Utilizing the school calendar to maximize profit potential

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Personnel management and creating a chain of command

  • Job delineation and division of labor

  • Hiring staff & teachers and quality control

  • Handling complaints and troubleshooting

  • Successful advertising techniques and making the most of the registration period

  • Building classes and participation

  • Marketing strategies and business image


With our twenty-plus years of experience in the enrichment industry, our elite team of troubleshooters can perform an observation and assessment of your organization, concluding with a detailed report and analysis.  The report provides a thorough account of the strengths of your organization, identifies its weaknesses and gives recommendations on how to improve them.


    NETA Goods and Services


The establishment of an Enrichment Teacher Certification program is one of our proudest achievements and we are currently training and certifying enrichment teachers throughout the nation.  If you are a NETA client and wish to sponsor the certification of members of your teaching staff, NETA can do so at a discounted rate of 15%.  NETA-certified enrichment teachers are well-versed in liability awareness, keep up-to-date on the latest trends in education and enrichment, are attentive to the needs of your program and will be a valuable asset to your team.


The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion is the preparatory material for the NETA Certification Exam and is the definitive text of the enrichment industry.  In its pages you will find information on effective teaching methods, various job opportunities, classroom management skills, legal liabilities, how to land teaching jobs and much more.  This book is a “must have” in the library of every serious enrichment teaching professional.


After successfully passing the NETA Certification Exam, teacher certification is valid for a period of two years from its date of issuance.  To maintain a NETA Certification, teachers must earn two (2.0) continuing education credits within that two year period.  There are a variety of continuing education courses NETA makes available to NETA-certified enrichment teachers, taught by experts in enrichment and other related fields – “Building a Client Base” and “Advanced Classroom Management”, just to name a few. The continuing education courses are designed to keep teachers on the vanguard of the enrichment industry by educating them about the latest developments in the profession – the newest laws, regulations, techniques, etc. and will give them the tools needed to be the most effective enrichment teachers in the industry.   


NETA’s regional and national conferences are a dynamic way for both enrichment teachers and enrichment program providers alike to network, exchange ideas, hear about new trends in funding, learn new tips and techniques, and stay on the cutting edge of what enrichment has to offer.  The conferences unite all aspects of enrichment through seminars, speakers, display booths and social opportunities that aid both teachers and program providers in advancing their careers.

Program Providers’ Associate’s Membership


If you are an employer, an enrichment program, a summer camp or are affiliated with a city agency providing enrichment programs, getting a Program Providers’ Associate’s Membership gives you the following:

  • Access to the database of NETA-certified enrichment teachers

  • Job posting privileges

  • 15% discount on all NETA merchandise

  • 10% discount on admission to the NETA Annual Conference

  • 10% discount on advertising fees in NETA’s bi-annual newsletter and booths at the NETA Annual Conference

  • 15% discount for NETA clients who sponsor the certification of members of their teaching staff


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