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     A Service of NETA

The National Enrichment Teachers Association was founded to provide enrichment programs with Certified Enrichment Teachers who possess the tools and knowledge to teach their classes safely, effectively and at the highest professional standards in the industry.

NETA-certified teachers, training programs, ASA consulting services and school fundraising programs are among the most sought after in the country because the training we provide is so exacting in its specifications and so comprehensive in its scope. 


     Setting Professional Standards

Owning and operating an after school business of the highest quality, which is at once fulfilling for your clients and profitable to you, takes effort, commitment and know how.  The After School Advantage Program was established to educate future business owners in the school enrichment field, using techniques that have made us successful.  Our techniques and methods have been refined over twenty years of trial and error.  And believe us when we tell you that when it comes to serving schools, parents and their children, there is no substitute for doing it right the first time.  As a future business owner, you will not have to go through the long learning process we did.  The techniques we teach through the ASA Program shortcut the learning curve.  There are no gimmicks, no magic formulas – just a precise, detailed methodology of getting your new enrichment company up and running.

We at the National Enrichment Teachers Association know that after school enrichment programming is personally rewarding, very lucrative and makes an important contribution to one’s community.  We feel it is incumbent upon the enrichment industry to diligently regulate itself by setting and enforcing high standards in order to ensure the safety of the children and to elevate the profession as a whole. 

The National Enrichment Teachers Association is proud to be setting the standard for high quality training, certification and consulting services for the enrichment industry.  NETA’s personnel are a diverse cross-section of the enrichment community, representing virtually every field this industry has to offer.  Our team members are teachers, administrators, program owners and consultants with long-standing history in the enrichment community.  When you come to us for your training and consulting needs, you are learning from the best.

In our twenty-plus years in the after school enrichment industry, we have had many successes (and a few hard-learned lessons), and we have refined our experiences into the After School Advantage business model.  Your curriculum coupled with our business model and the comprehensive business start-up materials which accompany our training will be the foundation on which you build your own enrichment company.  You will hit the ground running.      


Some Popular Classes Offered by Enrichment Companies:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Choir/Singing

  • Music

  • Band

  • Orchestra

  • Animation

  • Photography

  • Ceramics


  • Science

  • Reading Tutorial

  • Math

  • Foreign Languages

  • Fine Arts

  • Homework Club

  • Computer

  • Film Making

  • Creative Writing

  • Cooking


  • Karate
  • Gymnastics
  • Team Sports
  • Chess
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Woodwork
  • Needlecraft
  • Music Videos
  • Yoga
  • Jewelry Making


This is just a partial list of enrichment classes that have been offered at schools throughout the nation.  If you have a class and a good curriculum, the After School Advantage Program can teach you how to market, sell and profit from it the right way.



Not a Franchise and Proud of it!

It has been said that “You can’t get rich by working for someone else”.  It’s true – you can’t.  And yet, countless numbers of would-be entrepreneurs have bought into the idea that the road to financial independence is paved by buying into a franchise.

When you buy into a franchise, you are not working directly for the franchise.  However, the fruits of your labor will find its way into someone else’s pockets.  After paying the requisite franchise fee, you may also have to pay royalties and territory licensing fees.  Royalties are paid to a franchise for the “privilege” of using their name and logo, and they must be paid for as long as your contract states, rain or shine, good times or bad.  Territory licensing fees serve a dual purpose:  to limit where you can operate and to buy assurances that the franchise won’t license anyone else to operate in your vicinity.  But what kind of assurance is that, really?  You will always have some sort of competition no matter where you operate, regardless of how much “protection money” you pay.  Is paying all that money worth it just to be told when and where you can operate?

With the National Enrichment Teachers Association’s After School Advantage Program, you will receive world class training and support.  When you pitch your program to a school, you are being backed by twenty-plus years of our experience and history.  And the best part is, you will not have to continually pay into the franchise system.  The money you would pay to a franchise in royalties and licensing fees should be money that lines your pockets or is invested back into your business.  After all, it’s your time, your investment and the rewards reaped from hard work are deservedly yoursThat is self-determination.  That is independence.  That is the point of owning and operating a business.


NETA Mission Statement

The National Enrichment Teachers Association is dedicated to providing quality instruction to enrichment professionals through our training, certification, consulting and continuing education programs.  As a leading proponent of the cause of enrichment, NETA continues to lobby for governmental support at the local, state and federal level by initiating or introducing legislation providing for the continued funding of enrichment, outreach and after school programs as well as legislation that mandates training and certification for enrichment professionals, thereby establishing a uniform set of standards and practices on which these professionals and those that they serve can depend.


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